Applied Standard


Friends has worked according to the standards codes listed in the specific specifications and other parts of the contracts documents include by the following agencies and organization:

  1. AASHTO= American Association of state Highway and Transportation Officials,444 North Capital Streets NW Suite 225, Washington, DC 2001, USA.
  2. AC I = American Concrete Institute, Box 19150.Redford Station, Detroit,Michigan,48219,USA.
  3. A I = The Asphalt Institute, Asphalt Institute Building, College Park, Maryland 207040, USA.
  4. AISC = American Institute Of Steel Construction. Inc .400 North Michigan Avenue, Chiago, USA.
  5. ANSI = American National Standard Institute (successor to USASI and ASA), 1430 Broadway, New York 10018 USA.
  6. ASTM = American Society for testing and Materials, 1916 Pace Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103,USA.
  7. BRE = British Research Establishment, Department of the Environment England.
  8. BS = British Standard (See BSI).
  9. BSI = British Standard Institution, 2 Park Street, London WISOBS, UK.
  10. DIN = DIN Dautsches Institute for Hamming ev., Berlin, West Germany,South Verlag Gnbh, Berlin, West Germany.
  11. DOT = Department of Transport, England (HMSO).
  12. HMSO = Her Majesty Stitonary Office, 49 High Holborn, Logos, WCIV6HB, UK.
  13. ISO = International Standard Organization.
  14. NHB = National Highway Board, Ministry of Communication, Govt. Of Pakistan,11,a1 Markaz, f-9, Super Market, Islamabad.
  15. NEC = National Electrical Code.
  16. PSI = Pakistan Standards Institution.
  17. SRC = Sranding Rates Committee, Govt. Of Sindh, Sindh Secretariat, Shahra-e-Kamal Ata Turk, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  18. NHA = National Highway Authority, Islamabad.
  19. KBCA = Karachi Building Control Authority.